Would you like an entertaining, educational and inspiring patient newsletter with color photos and illustrations? You can send as an e-mail, print it and mail it to patients who don't have e-mail and/or distribute at health fairs, spinal screenings and your office? 

PLUS: You can also personalize it as much as you like and the patients will think you've written it all?

We got it for you! For only $25 a month you get two newsletters - an email, internet version and a ready to print hard copy version that looks like a newspaper with columns and headlines.

No printing or mailing costs, no hours spent organizing and writing. We do it all for you, you send it out. Would you like us to send it for you as well? For $25 a month, plus a one-time template fee we'll send it for you, personalized with your office info, photos and you'll still get a copy to print out.

Patients Love It. It's filled with original chiropractic material, philosophy, art, science, history, clinical research, studies, papers, health info on subjects such as breast-feeding, vaccination and items of topical interest, research, up-to-date health news, jokes, inspiring thoughts and, essays. 

What Happened When These Doctors Used it:
"My practice members are forwarding the newsletter. One woman forwarded it to her mother and father-in-law and both are coming in next week. Another forwarded it to her mom, and she and her boyfriend have joined the ranks. An existing practice member said he thinks he needs to come in more often now. Every mom who read the newsletter has commented on vaccines, and more kids are showing up ASKING to be checked for subluxations." Dr. Jack M. Bourla 

"This newsletter has gotten a lot of attention in my office. I have a lot of patients asking more questions about Chiropractic and what it really is! I was very impressed with the amount of information you had sent! They're always asking, when's the next one? " Andrea Reeves, DC

"About 20 minutes after sending it out one patient that I had not seen in a few months called. The newsletter reminded him it was time for a checkup." Michael Haley, DC. 

"I haven't got a data base of email addresses yet so I snail mailed it to all my patients. It was easy." Jim Cormier, DC

Dear Dr. Koren,

When are you going to start an email publication that we can send to our patients? I forwarded your newsletter on to everybody on my email list (chiropractic pts, non-chiropractic pts, relatives, friends). The results were astonishing. You touched everybody! Two of my relatives (I have been giving "the chiropractic story" to for years) emailed a reply and wanted me to find a chiro for them in their area! jill trull 

Just Try it - even once! 
At $25.00 a month, it's a steal. If it gets you only one new patient or increases patient retention just a bit it's paid for itself MANY TIMES OVER.If it saves you even one hour of work it will pay for itself and doctors are telling us it's saving them MANY hours! Also, you're not bound to a contract; you can cancel any time.

I Also Get Free Support? YES! Most people have no trouble sending it out but if you do, we're there for you.

Add you name, address, phone, fax, office hours, email, web site at the top, and bottom. Why not add a little bio? A Patient or Case of the Month or announce a special event at your office - a party? a lecture? Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? (invite me) and letters from patients (and your answers), birthdays, but remember� �..YOU HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OF ITS CONTENTS. If you don't like a particular article don't send it or send it to certain people. Believe it or not there are a couple of people in this world who don't always like my sense of humor. I married one of them.

It's simple. E-mail (or fax or call) us your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, credit card and expiration to billing@patientnewsletter.com that's all you have to do.
If you're worried about the security then fax us at 267-498-0078 or break your cc# into two e-mails: one with the card number, one with the expiration date. You can also call us at 267-498-0071 with your info. It's a private line and secure.

The Tedd Koren Patient Newsletter will be the best investment in patient education you ever made.

Click Here for a Sample of the E-Mailed copy of the Patient Newsletter